Truly Enamoured

Transforming luxury wedding gown rentals

We worked with Truly Enamoured to ensure brides can still have their dream wedding gown despite the huge changes the world is going through during and post COVID19


Truly Enamoured are a successful bricks & mortar shop that sell wedding gowns but were hit hard by the government restrictions in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Brides from all-over SE Asia used to travel to Singapore to try on, and buy or rent from their exclusive range of designer wedding gowns. Therefore they wanted to create an online experience that reflects their luxurious shop, and give brides the confidence to purchase or rent gowns without making a physical visit.

Truly Enamoured wanted to launch a new website that showcased their exclusive range of designer gowns and allow customers to make high value purchases online with confidence. This meant bringing the same high level of customer experience to their online shop.


We began with a workshop to fully understand the business, the customer, their goals and their pain points. This enabled the team to come up with a range of innovative solutions, some of which we could implement right away, and others to be added to a development roadmap.

We developed empathy with the customer by including key members of staff from the business and in particular those who interface directly with the customers. This brought us insights and enabled design solutions that would not have been otherwise obvious.

All information was openly communicated and shared on a virtual board, making it visible and aligning all stakeholders.

Following the workshop we went through our standard phases of Strategy, Ideation, Visual Design, Implementation and Review, with regular checkpoints to ensure that the solution we developed met the needs of Truly Enamoured's customers and their business.

We implemented the e-commerce site on Webflow for blazingly fast speed, SEO performance and for making it super easy for staff to update. This has a positive impact on support costs with minimal support requirements necessary.


By taking design clues from the physical world, we've achieved a seamless flow between the online store and the physical shop.

It is a bit early to confirm business performance results, however early indications are that SEO score has gone up, and the number of enquiries for fitting appointments has increased.

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Michelle Chan

CEO Truly Enamoured