Total visibility of your business cybersecurity

Monitoring, management and compliance for your cybersecurity; tools, people and processes from one easy to use dashboard.


ThreatAware had some tight deadlines to launch their new cyber security product, and required additional developers to augment their in-house software development team. The initial requirements were to complete the frontend user interface.

Following this the focus shifted to backend micro-services with AWS Lambda functions, so we were able to rebalance the team with the additional skills required to supplement the onshore dev team.


ThreatAware provides complete visibility over cyber security, with active and operational tools to monitor threats and ensure your business is compliant with industry security standards.

Active checks monitor the activity of your cybersecurity tools like Webroot, Umbrella, Automox, Meraki or Proofpoint. ThreatAware active checks makes a careful analysis of that information and presents risks in a prioritised and actionable way.

Complete visibility

The best way to ensure cyber hygiene and manage cyber risk is to continuously monitor the performance of your cybersecurity tools, people and processes.

ThreatAware is designed to make it easy to monitor and manage cybersecurity, alerting you to threats, making it clear what actions are required and ensuring that these actions are effectively followed up to completion.

The ThreatAware dashboard gives instant visibility and makes it straightforward to drill down to specific issues and the status of corrective actions.  Uniquely, ThreatAware combines the monitoring of people, cybersecurity processes and cybersecurity monitoring tools, in one place, on one dashboard.


To ensure clear ownership of each event within the team, ThreatAware has a simple yet highly effective ownership function. All cybersecurity events remain unassigned until an engineer takes ownership and it becomes their responsibility to resolve them.

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I am delighted with the team that work on ThreatAware with us. They are responsive and produce high quality code, plus we got valuable guidance on integrating with our in-house development team.

Jon Abbot