Engaging regional football enthusiasts.

Puma FTBL Cup campaign drove user engagement and brought awareness to the Unlock New Levels campaign and the latest Future & PumaOne boot release.


To coincide with Puma’s product launch of the new Future and Puma One football boots and marketing campaign UNLOCK NEW LEVELS we helped drum up some hype by partnering with DAZN media and creating a website for a now annual regional football tournament.


We created a website that promoted the new launch of the products, that was both visually appealing and helped DAZN meet their targets of getting enough sign up to successfully hold 3 tournaments in 3 countries simultaneously.


The website was a great success receiving lots of good feedback and enough team registrations to run all 3 tournaments. As the post-tournament photos that are still live on the site show, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and we were glad to be a part of it.

Product launch campaign

60 Teams Registered

3 Tournaments in 3 Countries