Oracle Careers

Helping employees navigate their future career paths.

Oracle aim to provide their employees with the best possible career path. We helped them scale this process and reduce the overheads involved.


Oracle not only want the best from their employees, they also want the best for them. Their goal for this product was to encourage their team members to increase their skills and provide better benefits to attract and retain the best talent.


We spent time fine-tuning the discovery section of the portal, with so many career path opportunities available the user often found it confusing and overwhelming. We iterated on the design until this process was clear to understand, with intuitive navigation paths that enabled the user to quickly identify with the paths that interest them. Using Oracle branding guidelines we were able to create a distinctive and modern interface, that fits well with their suite of existing platforms.


The proof of concept was tested on a sample of departments within the region, the outcome was considered a success, meeting the initial goals set out from the start. Oracle is now in the process of rolling out the system globally.

Internal career portal

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Southeast Asia