Building connections in the construction industry.

The construction industry accounts for more than 2.96 million jobs, yet project managers struggle to find the right people for their projects. Copronet is set to change that.


David and the team at Copronet asked us to help build upon their existing product management tool and create a modern networking first platform that also provided additional tools dedicated to the construction industry. Though products such as LinkedIn provide networking features they do not meet the exact needs of the construction industry. Those looking for collaborators for specific projects would have to syphon through 100s of profiles before finding people with the right expertise required to engage with.



We built a networking and project collaboration tool that allowed those running projects to easily find and connect with people who offered the exact expertise they required. 

We did this by creating smart filters and an algorithm that suggests possible collaborators that match requirements of their open projects, as well as those looking for work, can submit their expression of interest. Once connected they can join each other's projects and collaborate in real-time assigning tasks and sharing documents and participate in open discussions.

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Copronet is currently still in its BETA launch but has been receiving some great feedback. We look forward to continuing our partnership and working closely together through the next growth push to concrete its place as the Nº1 Networking solution for the construction industry.

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150k Live Projects & Leads

"The system looks and works brilliantly and the team should be congratulated."

David Stapleton

Founder & CEO of Copronet