Web & mobile applications


B2B and SaaS platforms for startups and new business initiatives


Business critical back-office systems for productivity improvement


Customer & partner web apps that integrate with back-office systems

We love building software applications

The core of our business is building web software applications for startups, SMEs and Enterprises. 

Problems with traditional offshore projects

  • developers don't understand the business
  • delivery quality is poor
  • lack of transparency

We overcome those challenges

  • with onshore consultants that get know & understand your business
  • combined 30yrs experience in software development so we know all the pain points and high risk areas
  • can distinguish the features will bring business value
  • we provide short daily updates of progress so you know the exact status of your project at anytime

Rapid development for fast returns


At Codestream we have an established and proven process to get fast results from your software application development investment. It is repeatable and works across a broad range of development projects.

  • Product Strategy Workshop to establish goals, KPIs, user needs, solutions, and initial roadmap
  • Foundation phase for planning, on-boarding strategy, UX design, UI design and technical architecture
  • Sprint 0 to initiate development with sprint planning, development setup and product backlog sign-off 
  • Development phase to build the product with 2-weekly product demos and daily updates on progress
  • Deployment to live customers with KPI monitoring and customer feedback review
  • Project review and back log tailoring for product enhancements
  • Product optimisation for ongoing improvement and performance