User experience design

So you've built a product and you are not getting the results you wanted, or you're planning a product and have your own development team but not much UX design experience.

We can help!

For existing products we have a 3 step improvement program to help you get the most from your product development investment

1. Performance Workshop

Before we can help we need to understand your business, user needs and where your software product fits within it. This will give us a starting point for evaluation, and a way to measure the success of the UX Design. It is essential for driving the UX design process.

2. UX Product Review

We will conduct a heuristic evaluation of how well the product matches the user needs and business goals, and produce a list of prioritised improvements that your development team can start working on right away. This process inevitably throws up some quick win improvements that are simple to implement, so you get some fast ROI on the UX Design.

3. Performance Improvement 

For long term KPI performance we will go through selected stages in the UX Design process depending on how far off the product is from meeting business goals and user needs. The end product of this is usually a style guide, visual interface components and product wireframes that are development ready with everything needed for your team to improve the product in the long run.