Express PoC

The key to creating great products is to learn fast. With the Express Proof of Concept we build the core of the product in record time.

Express PoC

We will build a prototype in just 4 weeks, so you can start testing your market or get investor buy-in.

What we do

In order to move fast, we cut out a lot of what typically slows down the product design process. We focus on the primary user flows that allow us to test the big ideas. We cover all the steps, from UX strategy to product branding. This puts us in the best position prior to starting production.

  • UX strategy
  • Ideation
  • Wireframing
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Product branding
  • Showcase deck
Why it's important

UX Strategy

Our Product Vision Workshops are designed to understand your idea, business, users, and goals to help us create a roadmap for success.

Showcase Deck

The showcase deck gives you something tangible that you can present for investor or management buy-in.


Prototyping allows us to test the product and product ideas before committing lots of time and money into the final build. It is essential for resolving usability issues before launch.

Product Branding

Creating a brand for the product defines the direction of the visual designs, the mood and voice of the product. It is a key part of the users' experience with the product and service.

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