Agile Development

Agile development promises rapidly evolving software and substantial business benefits.

Agile Development

Codestream’s agile process ensures quality builds, delivered on-time.

What we do

Our tried and tested approach to Agile development brings customer satisfaction through rapid, continuous improvement to the products we build. Using insights taken from real users, we shape the course of the product’s development to ensure we enable your customers to achieve their goals and meet their expectations. We ship regularly and welcome changes to the scope of work in order to help your business succeed.

  • User focused development
  • Project management
  • Stable code
  • Rapid deployments
  • Transparent backlog
  • Quality control
  • Scalable development
Why it's important


Builds are tested every two weeks. This means we are constantly assessing the progress to ensure the product meets your standards.

Faster ROI

We work iteratively which means that the features are delivered incrementally, therefore benefits are realised early while the product is in the development process.


Everyone is updated on the progress of the development. We keep to regular sprint reviews and send weekly reports so you are never left out of the loop.


Our shared backlog is open for all to see. Product owners can swap out features, providing they require the same effort.

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