The Oracle Systems Support Division for JAPAC were looking to provide employees with focused career paths that were directly relevant and achievable to their current position. Due to the success of the project Oracle are now rolling it out globally to all Systems Support teams.   

  • Existing internal portal difficult to navigate with a large volume of information not relevant to system support teams
  • User experience process led to a clear path for systems support staff to find career paths directly relevant to what their current roles
  • Clear direction of on how to progress career led to higher motivation in the support team
  • Success of the pilot has led to rollout of portal to all support teams globally 

We started with a planning session to understand the motivation behind the project and the desired outcomes.


Using the goals and outcomes as a basis we went on to create a wireframe prototype to get feedback on the flow of information.

Using Oracle branding guidelines we were able create a distinctive and modern interface, that made it engaging and stand out from other corporate information services.


Clear navigation paths enable the user to quickly identify with the roles that interest them.


The site features video content and is fully responsive for mobile browsers