Whether retirement means travel, time with your family or just a well-deserved break – knowing what is possible now will help make the journey concern free.

OnTrack is a Fintech startup that engaged Codestream to provide an agile development team and provide ongoing technical consultancy. 

OnTrack start page explaining the retirement planning process

OnTrack start page explaining the retirement planning process


OnTrack came to us after having a frustrating time with previous developers. On top of coding problems, there were also communication issues and work was not being completed. 

Codestream put in an agile development team that was quickly able to get to grips with the project and get code working for some important upcoming demos. There were also some complex calculations that were taking several seconds to run, which the Codestream team got down to a few milliseconds.

Interim overview of asset, pension & savings projections

Interim overview of asset, pension & savings projections


The application comprises of a questionnaire that gets people thinking about and planning their retirement, taking into account the whole household rather than just the person answering the questions.

It then runs a series of Monte Carlo simulations to assess possible outcomes based on assets, pensions and ongoing savings. The result is a summary dashboard that allows people to see into their future, and trial out different scenarios to see what impact it has on their retirement choices.


Simulation of assets as they accumulate over time, and reduce from time of retirement


After fixing up the code to make the product demonstrable, the team re-architected the solution to make it configurable for different corporate clients, allowing for a completely configurable user interface, and questionnaire.

OnTrack has now been select for a pilot phase with one of Australia's largest banks with a view to rolling it out to their employees and a potential 5 million customers.