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To create the solution we must understand what human problem we are trying to solve. We do this by observing and empathising with users, and discovering the root of what they want to achieve. This enables us to design and build a system that marries together business and user goals.

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Improving quality of life in retirement

The application comprises of a survey that gets people thinking about and planning their retirement. It then runs a series simulations to assess possible outcomes based on assets, pensions, ongoing savings and lifestyle choices.

UX Design

Retirement Planner


Monte Carlo Simulations



Building connections in the construction industry

Copronet is the first construction exclusive networking and project management platform. Companies and sole traders can post projects in the project finder and manage their supply chain while collaborating on projects and sharing industry insights.


UX Design


It's been a real pleasure working with Codestream. They don't just build the solution, they actively help with solving the problem.

Lucas Weatherill, Founder & CEO

The system looks and works brilliantly and the team should be congratulated.

David Stapleton, Founder & CEO

"I am delighted with the team that work on ThreatAware with us. They are responsive and produce high quality code, plus we got valuable guidance on integrating with our in-house development team."

Jon Abbot, CEO, Threataware

"We had a complex project with a loan processing workflow that covered 12 different providers. Codestream took us step by step through the project from the initial workshop, analysis and transition into the live environment."

Rita Ramli, Operations Manager