Content CMS in the cloud

Traditional content management systems (CMS) suffer from the same underlying problems that has plagued their usage since they began. They are inflexible, mix content with design, are difficult to setup, require specialist skills and are require extensive training for customers, designers and content authors. 

We overcome all of this by partnering with Kentico Cloud and using their content platform whenever we need to integrate content with our applications. 



Kentico Cloud

Benefits of Kentico Cloud over OpenSource & Traditional CMS

  • Integrate with both web and mobile applications for in-app content
  • Kentico Cloud is truly scalable - without having to do anything - no dev ops, no autoscaling groups, no load balancers.
  • Full commercial support
  • No upfront licensing fees
  • Integrate best of breed services for lead gen, marketing, sales
  • Full flexibility on HTML, CSS and front end technology
  • Massively reduced learning curve and corresponding training costs
  • Allows distributed & external teams for content creation with approval workflow