Our story

Codestream was founded 4 years ago with the goal to vastly improve the service and delivery quality of offshore development projects. We do this with a combination of locally based consultancy and design services combined with a highly talented and dedicated offshore development team.

How we work

To ensure that we meet our goal of vastly improved service delivery and level of quality, all Codestream development projects undergo a structured process to ensure a timely delivery that meets business goals.


Establish whether the proposed project is likely to be feasible from a technical perspective and whether it appears cost-effective from a business perspective.


Understand the scope of work, how it will be carried out, by whom, when and where.

Evolutionary development

Iterative development using Scrum, timeboxing, and MoSCoW prioritisation, to converge over time on an accurate solution that meets the business need and is also structured correctly from a technical viewpoint.

Post Project

Ongoing development of the solution, plus hosting, support and system maintenance.

The leadership team


Richard Cleeve

Richard has delivered software projects to government agencies, blue chip customers, medium sized enterprises and startups: including Capita/Gas Safe Register, Gemserv/Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), and the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments (CISI). He builds relationships with customers, colleagues and supply partners to achieve common goals and deliver mutual commercial benefit.


Matthew Harper   Specialised in bringing ideas to life through strategic user experience design, creative direction, art direction and design thinking. Continually driven by the opportunity to study the way we think and do – helping to lead innovation and explore new technologies that deliver meaningful engagement. Matt has lead UX projects for blue chip clients including Amazon Web Services, IBM, and SP Services.   www.linkedin.com/in/matthew-harper-design

Jack Bush

Jack creates innovative user experiences by applying design thinking to find simple solutions to complex problems. He is user experience consultant, and product designer, with over 10 years experience creating digital products. UX Certified by NNGroup, jack has lead UX projects for Marina Bay Sands, Dulux, Azkonobel, Temasek Holdings, DBS Bank, Daimler Mercedes, Vice Magazine and Deloitte.



Phuong Ngo

Phuong has brought over 18 years of experience in software development services. Phuong has undertaken leadership  roles in software development, delivery and technical support for a wide range of industries and corporations including Sharp, NTT, Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel, Toshiba, and GBST. He also had played the ATM role in the SCAMPI to get CMMi level 3 and Level 5 in his former post.

The Saigon office

Software development is a team sport, and we recruit and retain the best talent by providing salaries above market rates, regular team building exercises, training programs and well managed software projects.

The Vietnam office on a team-building day out

The Vietnam office on a team-building day out


Are able to take over the development of an existing application?

Yes, we have taken over the development of a number of projects for reasons including communication issues, code quality, and commercial difficulties.

How long does it take you get up and running on an application you have taken over?

There is usually a bit of urgency required in these situations, so we pull out all the stops. In most cases we can be up and running inside of a week depending on the size of the project. We're then in a position where we can start making updates to the code, and in parallel we do a full code assessment to see where the dead bodies are buried.

Technologies we use

There are lots of considerations to take into account when choosing which technologies to use, and we guide you through this using business terms you understand rather than tech-speak. We tend to go for options that are mature, proven and well supported, rather risk the latest bleeding edge, buggy options on your project.

Some of our clients